Ballymena 28/9/2020

Posted: 24th November

Females were in demand at the URBA Border Leicester 105th Sale on Monday 28th September in Ballymena Livestock Market with 4 out of the 5 top prices being paid for Gimmers.  James Aiken “Carnew” Dromore sold the top price of the night a Gimmer BL466 R26 Sire: Muirmouth Ringleader 30592, Dam: BL466 L6 for 800gns to Tullyvallen Flock, Jack Graham and Pauline Gibson, Dromore. This was followed by Stephen Wallace “Slatehill” Ballyclare selling his Ram Lamb BLB84 S1 Sire: Kininmonth Thunder 30547 Dam: BL60L K18 for 750gns.  James Aiken received the next top price for another Gimmer BL466 R11 Sire: Muirmouth Ringleader 30592 Dam: BL466 M10 reaching 650gns with Harold Dickey “Rosenga” Ballymena selling his Gimmer BL68S R10 Sire: Ditton Dodger 30251 Dam: BL68S P17 for 600gns and James Aiken selling another Gimmer BL466 R15 Sire: Muirmouth Ringleader 30592 Dam: BL466 M2 for 550gns.

The sale had a 100% clearance with 21 more sheep sold compared to last year, averages were up for Ewes, Ewe Lambs and Ram Lambs and although the average was down slightly for the Shearling Rams there were more sold. Other leading prices: 500gns, 400gns, 360gns J Adams & Sons, 420gns J Aiken, 420gns J Graham & P Gibson, 400gns H Dickey, 400gns, 320gns x2 S Wallace, 400gns x3, 320gns x2 D & L Mawhinney, 380gns, 320gns S McLaughlin, 340gns C Rainey.

The Association would like to thank Alan Carson, Farm Services for sponsoring the sale, to Fane Valley Stores for sponsoring their Virtual Show earlier in the year and to Danske Bank and J Thompson & Sons for their sponsorship over the years.


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