RHASS Showcase 2021

Date: 14th June - 30th July

Location: Ingliston

The Royal Highland Showcase, a one-day event with only exhibitors allowed on the day, attracted a superb entry of Border Leicesters with 40 top quality stock on show from 9 society members. Judge John Mauchlen, Spotsmains Kelso awarded the championship to Mary Laidlaw’s Drennan’s ewe – a two crop home bred ewe by Kilphin Kipling, used on loan from Tom Tenant and Pete Brown, and bred from a Kinninmonth Kiwi ewe. She narrowly beat former Highland Show Champion and Scottish Farmer Border Leicester of the Decade, a four-crop ewe from John Barrowman’s Knockglass flock. The breeding behind the ewe, dam of the top priced £2700 tup lamb sold at Lanark in 2019 to Tom Nelson, Kilphin flock includes Eildon Epic onto a home bred ewe by Holborn Limited Edition. Male Champion went to Sandy and Alex Watson’s aged tup, Didcot Diamond, with reserve male awarded to the top placed shearling, Intock Island, from Duncan Whyte, Mearns purchased at Lanark in 2020.  

Result of Classes as below

Best Male: Sandy Watson, Intock

Aged Tup: 1st Sandy Watson, Intock, 2nd John Barrowman, Knockglass

Shearling Tup: 1st Duncan Whyte, Mears, 2nd PM & NJ Brown, Bosolo, 3rd Sandy Watson, Intock, 4th Shona Ker, Solway, 5th Duncan Whyte, Mearns.

Ram Lamb: 1st: Mary Laidlaw, Drennans, 2nd Duncan Whyte, Mearns, 3rd Sandy Watson, Intock, 4th Jennifer Brown, Millmoor, 5th PM & NJ Brown, Bosolo 

Best Female: Mary Laidlaw, Drennans

Ewe above One Shear: 1st Mary Laidlaw, Drennans, 2nd John Barrowman, Knockglass, 3rd Duncan Whyte, Mearns, 4th Sandy Watson, Intock, 5th Shona Ker, Soway

Gimmer: 1st John Barrowman, Knockglass, 2nd Shona Ker, Solway, 3rd Duncan Whyte, Mearns 4th Sandy Watson, Intock 5th Duncan Whyte, Mearns 6th Sandy Watson, Intock

Ewe Lamb: 1st John Barrowman, Kockglass, 2nd Duncan Whyte Mearns, 3rd Jennifer Brown, Millmoor, 4th Sandy Watson, Intock 5th Mary Laidlaw, Drennans, 6th PM & NJ Brown, Bosolo

Champion: Mary Laidlaw, Drennans

Reserve Champion: John Barrowman, Knockglass

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