New Secretary Details

Please note that Colin Douglas has taken over from Bronwyn Campbell as Secretary of the Society of Border Leicester Sheep Breeders from Monday 16th March.  As many of you already know Colin was Secretary from 1986 to 1998 and he knows many of you very well.  He was delighted to be asked to take the position on again and well remembers you all as a friendly happy group.

Colin is aware of just how far the Society has come in terms of its record keeping, therefore he may need a bit of time to get himself settled.  He wants to be completely transparent with the membership and asks that he would appreciate your patience until he hits the ground running.  He intends to tackle as many emails as possible early on, followed by getting the financial statements up to date, finally the Flock Book was always his pride and joy, and that still remains so.

Please say hello to Colin if you see him he will be so pleased

Posted: 16/03/2020
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