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Society of Border Leicester Sheep Breeders
Society of Border Leicester Sheep Breeders

25th March 2017

Tagging Instructions

Just thought now would be a timely reminder of how to tag your Border Leicester lambs.
The tags should show the following information:
1. Your Border Leicester membership number (eg BLB47)
2. Followed by year letter (P) and a number to identify the individual lamb (eg 1).
3. So your lambs should be tagged as follows:...
BLB47 P1
BLB47 P2 etc
4. You will also need the UK number to identify the lambs in accordance with the normal rules.
If you phone the tag manufacturer and ask for the Border Leicester info to be put on and then they should work out the rest.
5. Note all lambs must be tagged by no later than 15th June.


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